What Does HVAC Mean?

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HVAC is an acronym that stands for heating, ventilation and air conditioning, a broad term that comprises the systems used for providing heating and cooling services in residential buildings as well as in commercial, industrial and public facilities and in vehicles.

HVAC systems are among the most important systems that make building usable by ensuring the right temperatures. The heating, cooling and ventilation systems used in buildings can be central or individual, small and consisting of only one or two units or very large, ensuring the right temperature range in a complete office building or in a factory.

HVAC systems are also different in terms of the source of energy they use. The most common source of energy is electricity, but there are systems that use water or fossil fuels to generate the energy necessary for cooling and heating interior spaces. Ventilation is also a complex component of HVAC systems, a service that can be provided through mechanical pieces of equipment as well as through ventilators operated with electricity that perform the forced movement or exchange of air, such as fans. Another system that is categorized as HVAC equipment is air conditioning, the stand-alone systems that control not only the temperature in building interiors, but the humidity as well.  Pasterkamp of Denver is a locally owned and run HVAC company, and comes highly recommended.