What Are Portable Air Conditioners & Do They Work?

portable air conditioner cooling system

Portable air conditioners are great appliances that can be moved around in the house to heat the room that needs cool air the most. These mobile units work exactly like wall-mounted units: they use a system of coils through which a coolant liquid is passed and that cools the air that it comes into contact with by absorbing the heat and transferring it outdoors through a hose. This also means that there are two things that you will need to be able to use a portable air conditioner: a power supply to provide the electricity needed by the unit and a window for the exhaust hose. Most portable AC units come with a window kit to make the installation of the exhaust hose quick and easy.  It’s a great way for older homes to have an air conditioner Denver area.

Portable air conditioners are available in different sizes and they are different in terms of performance as well. How efficient your unit is depends on the unit’s power, expressed in BTUs (the higher the BTU, the stronger the unit) as well as on the temperature in the room to be cooled and the size of the space. Most portable units are intended for cooling one room at a time and it is also a good idea to help your portable AC by drawing the drapes or by closing the shutters on the hottest days.