What Are Home Microclimates?

Cooler Climate Plants

Home microclimates are the smaller or larger areas in your home, in your yard or in your garden occupied by plants. Microclimates are made up by the same components as larger climate areas: their dynamics is determined by the composition of the soil, of the water, the quality and the temperature of the air as well as by light conditions.

The features of your home microclimate are very important if you want to add new plants to your existing garden or you are planning to redesign your landscape – here are some aspects to bear in mind:

  • Soil microclimates – the chemical and physical features of the soil can vary in a small area, so analyze your soil in terms of drainage, the nutrients present, the pH as well as the texture to make sure the conditions are suitable for your new plants;
  • Water and air – you surely know that some areas in your garden are drier than others and some areas are windier than other. Bear these features in mind when choosing plants;
  • Exposure to the sun – some plants prefer filtered light, while others thrive well in areas that get direct sunshine all day;
  • The weather – low-lying areas are usually colder and they get the first frost of the year, while the areas around pavements and driveways are warmer because stone and asphalt absorb heat better, so select your plants based on these aspects as well.

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