Ways To Save On Your Heating Bill This Winter

Save On Heating This Winter

Winter is here already, with cold temperatures and snow in many regions, as well as with higher costs for maintaining the thermal comfort in your house. Here are some tips on saving on your heating bill this winter.

  1. Insulate the windows by sealing them with self-adhesive sealing gaskets. In the case of windows with wooden frames and single glass, heat losses through non-insulated spaces are significant, totalizing more than 30% of the total heat loss.
  2. Adjust the temperature in your home according to the level of comfort you need, taking into account that above the temperature of 19 ° C, each extra degree means an increase of the heating bill by about 8%.
  3. Open all windows for a short while, to allow fresh air in, Heat losses are very high if you leave the windows open for a longer time.
  4. Ensure that radiators are not covered by anything that may block heat exchange.
  5. Use a thermostat. This item controls the operation of the HVAC system and is able to reduce the heating costs up to 20%.
  6. Add thermal insulation to walls, roof and windows, for savings up to 50%.
  7. Periodically check the HVAC system for imperfect contacts, insulation faults etc, call on Pasterkamp in Denver for system maintenance.