What Can Really Be Done to Circulate Warm Air Throughout Each Room?

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Circulating warm air properly can help you reduce the amount you spend on your gas bill and avoid overusing your HVAC to the point that it would break down. If your furnace isn’t powerful enough or your vents or filter might be too dirty to allow for proper circulation of air, then your rooms won’t warm up, even though your furnace might be working overtime.


So it’s very important to consider a few basic maintenance tasks done by Pasterkamp of Denver to ensure that everything is working properly:


  1. The first thing you need to do is to check your thermostat, as it could be that it’s turned on low for a particular room. That means no matter how much you pump energy into your furnace, some rooms will warm up just right, while others will stay cold.
  2. Clean your vents or hire an expert to do it for you. Also, it’s a good idea to check if your vents might be punctured or damage, as heat can easily leak out that way.
  3. Check to see if you have proper insulation in the room in question. Without it, heat can escape through the very walls that are supposed to keep it in.
  4. Make sure you replace your HVAC filter at least once every 90 days or so. You can usually get away with doing that less often, but only if you purchase a better quality filter than the standard one, which might cost more money.

What Is the Importance of Hiring a Professional to Install a New Furnace?


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A furnace is a very complex piece of equipment. It contains a compressor, ductwork, vents with air filters and connects both to the gas and electricity systems. Therefore, installing new furnace or having Denver furnace repair on it in your home requires specialized work.


Here are just a few reasons to hire a professional to install your new furnace;


  1. They Have Specialized Equipment

Each trade has its specialized tool. This is true for contractors specializing in HVAC equipment. They use professional equipment, which you certainly do not have in your toolbox. And, for safety’s sake, you should never ever resort to improvisations.


  1. They Can Find the Best Route for Ductwork

Ductwork is essential for a furnace. And it needs to be installed along the walls in your home. A professional will find the best places to reduce the total length of ductwork and make it as unobtrusive as possible.


  1. They Can Guarantee Safe Installation

A lot of things can go wrong with a poorly installed furnace. The worst case scenario is a gas leak. When you hire a professional contractor, they will offer you not just a warranty for the quality of their workmanship, but the assurance that your home is safe from such dangers.

What Is a Good Temperature Range for Your Home During Winter?

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Figuring out what temperature to set your thermostat to can be a real pain. If you haven’t lived in a colder climate before, and you just moved into your new home, it might be difficult to figure out what temperature is actually best for the new area you moved to.


Of course, you can ask your neighbors or look it up online, but in many cases the different answers you will find could be confusing and contradictory. Some people might set their temperature higher because they can’t cope well with the cold, while others might want to set it lower to save money.  Having a furnace repair Denver CO inspect your furnace prior to colder weather can add to the efficiency of your heating your home as well.


There are a few pointers you can use to ensure that you can reach the ideal temperature for you:


  1. Start at around 22° C during the day and 19° C at night, but aim to gradually reduce the temperature to about 20° C during daytime hours and 17° C during the night, if you want to save energy.
  2. Always adapt the temperature gradually, and avoid going too high when it’s very cold outside. Doing so can put your body under a lot of stress as it attempts to manage the large temperature differences between being staying indoors and being outside. When you go out, you can easily catch a cold if your body gets used too much to hot temperatures.
  3. Don’t lower the temperature more than 3-5 degrees when you go out. Depending on how cold it is outside, your home will take longer to warm up again, and some of your more fragile electronics and items might even be damaged.

How Frequently Should You Have Your Home Furnace Inspected?

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HVAC maintenance is an important part of taking care of the systems that keep your home warm over the winter. One of the most important elements associated with this task is your furnace. Because furnaces play a crucial role in ensuring successful heating and because they are often designed to use natural gas as a fuel source, it’s important to make sure they’re running properly. So most experts will recommend frequent inspections and maintenance tasks to keep them in good working order.


Most newer furnaces are designed to last for decades. However, you can’t take that for granted, and most who do and neglect the health of their furnace end up having to pay a lot of money for repairs, even when they think that their new furnace will last a lot longer than it actually does.


Experts in the Denver furnace repair industry agree that you should have your furnace inspected at least twice per year. When the spring comes, and you’re preparing to turn off your furnace and take care of spring maintenance, it’s good practice to have it inspected in case it needs repairs or special maintenance. It will typically be a lot cheaper to take care of that during the warmer months of the year. Also, the fall season is the best time for an inspection, since you have to make sure that your furnace will be in good working order once winter hits.

How Do You Know If Your HVAC Repair Company Is Trustworthy?

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Trustworthiness is an essential quality with any contractor you hire to perform installation, repair, building or upgrading work in your home, a quality that you need to check before hiring any type of specialist, HVAC repair companies included. Here are some features to check to determine how reliable your contractor is:

  • The willingness to provide written cost estimates – a trustworthy contractor is not afraid to put the parameters of your project on paper, so only work with a specialist of HVAC Denver CO services that is willing to provide such a written estimate;
  • Licensing and insurance – most states require HVAC contractors to obtain a state-issued license and to be insured to be able to work legally. Ask the contractor to provide proof of both documents – they are essential for your safety and piece of mind as a client;
  • Check the contractor online – if there were any complaints against your contractor in the past, you will surely find out about the issue with a quick online query. Just enter the name of the contractor into your browser and check the review sites and forums on which the name appears – you find out a lot about what the contractor’s previous clients think about the services they received.

Reduce Allergies with A New Air Filter

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Are you sneezing uncontrollably even when you are at home? Are your eyes continually watering? These are some telltale of allergies – but how can they affect you in the safety and comfort of your home? One of the main culprits for this situation is the old and dirty filter of your A/C unit.


Here is how a new air filter can help you reduce allergies:


  1. The A/C Unit Retains More Dust and Dirt

A new and clean air conditioning filter is capable of retaining dust and particles from the air. Thus, the air entering your room is not only cooler, but also cleaner. Dust and mites are mostly airborne and they can affect people with allergies.


  1. Special Filters Protect People with Allergies

If you are really sensitive to a lot of allergens, you can opt for a HEPA air filter, which is capable of retaining very small particles. There are many special filters of this kind available on the market. Your doctor will be able to recommend the best model to install.


  1. Clean Filters Help the A/C Work Properly

Clogged air filter will cause your A/C unit to have a reduced airflow and even not cool the room to the desired temperature. In time, an overworked air conditioner may even malfunction and have leaks which, in turn, foster mold and fungi.  It’s also good to call in a professional HVAC company like Pasterkamp to service your furnace and air conditioning unit annually.

DIY Tips For Cleaning Your Air Conditioner

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Air conditioning units accumulate a lot of dust and dirt because a part of their job is to clean the air in the room, not just cool it. And even if you are a careful owner who calls an air conditioning repair technician for periodic maintenance, you can still do more to keep your A/C unit clean and in good working condition.


Here are a few simple DIY tips to clean your air conditioner:


  1. Use the Vacuum Cleaner

When you are vacuuming the carpets, remember the indoor A/C unit, as well. A few seconds of vacuuming over the surface will clean it. However, you should note that this method is not sufficient, as it does not perform deep cleaning.


  1. Use an Air Compressor

An air compressor with a nozzle will work wonders for your air conditioner. In a few moments, you will be able to remove dust and dirt lodged inside the unit, even in hard to reach areas.


  1. Change and Clean the Filters

A/C filters are consumable parts – they need to be replaced every once in a while. What’s more, remember to clean the filters periodically, as well. To access them, remove the front casing of the indoor unit and you will see the filters. Remove them and use a soft brush to clean the dust and dirt.

Ideas for Keeping Your House Cool in the Summer

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Using air conditioning to keep your house cool during the summer can be very expensive. With electricity costs going up and summers getting hotter, most homeowners are looking for creative ways to keep their house cool without spending too much money.


Here are a few simple and effective ideas for affordable Denver air conditioning solutions:


  1. Dehumidify Your Home

The perceived temperature, both by humans and their pets, depends on the humidity level in an enclosed space. The higher the humidity, the higher the level of discomfort you will feel. Thus, a simple and cost-effective solution is to buy a dehumidifier. Lower humidity is not only more comfortable, but also reduces the risk of mold developing on the walls.


  1. Reflect Sunlight

Sunlight on the roof is responsible for the rising temperature in your house. Thus, you should invest in white or reflective roof coating. Apart from keeping your house cooler, the reflective coating will also protect the roof and extend its useful life.


  1. Let the Air Flow through the House

When opening the windows for airing, make sure you create a path for air circulation. Simply said, open the windows at both ends of the house and let all the doors between the rooms open. This will not only refresh the air, but reduce the indoor temperature.

What Is the Average Lifespan of an AC and How Can You Help to Extend It?

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When you buy a new HVAC or centralized AC, you have to know as much as possible about it. Learning about its average lifespan can help you plan for the future and consider how often you have to have it inspected and repaired, especially during the later years of its life.


Typically, it is estimated that most AC units will last for about 15-20 years, although some can last longer and cheaper ones will usually last a lot less. Because of this fact, taking proper care of your AC in the long run is an important task that will leave no room for errors. Failing to employ the proper maintenance solutions will usually lead to the need for frequent repairs and to larger energy bills.


The best way to approach the matter is by having your AC checked out at least once or twice every year. Ask your contractor to physically go to your home or building and do a full revision of your system at least once before the summer. Even if you have an HVAC contractor that also provides for your heating needs, and you had your AC checked out last summer, the vents and various other elements of the  HVAC will also be used by the heating system, so it’s important to check them as well.  Keep up with your HVAC Denver CO systems so they can have a long life span.

How Does Ventilation Affect Your HVAC’s Heating and Cooling Power?

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Ventilation is a big part of the functionality of your AC and heating system. Regardless of the type of HVAC system or boiler you own, ventilation facilitates the use or cooling of the system in a number of ways.  Ventilation is why air conditioner Denver maintenance should be done annually.


First of all, it’s important to say that most heating systems fall under two categories: the kinds that heat your home by blowing hot air through a system of vents to get it to all the areas of your home as efficiently as possible, and the ones that head through the use of hot water. Both these systems utilize vents, either to bring the heat to all areas of your home or to eliminate fumes that have to be discarded by the system as it burns up gas or other types of fuel.


With AC systems, ventilation is required in a similar fashion as with vented heating systems. Cool air is being transmitted through ventilation to various areas of your home, or just to a single room. As a result, good ventilation is very much required.


Ventless systems exist as well, especially when it comes to heating. Electric heaters can produce heat without the need for vents, however, their range and the cost you need to cover to keep them functioning can be problematic in many cases.