Troubleshooting Tips For Your Gas Furnace

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Here are the most common problems of a gas furnace and what you should do when they occur.

The furnace does not start

In this case, you should check if you have gas, water and electricity. In the absence of any of them, the furnace will not work. If the problem is the electricity, the furnace will start automatically, once the power supply resumes. Instead, if the problem is the gas, when the distributor resumes supply, a simple reset of the system is sufficient to start.

The furnace stops several times

If you have this problem with your furnace, the water may not have pressure or there may be a problem with the room thermostat. It is also possible that the water supply may be stopped or there may be malfunctions with the recirculation pump.

The heaters remain cold

The pipeline route may be frozen, especially if it passes through open spaces, and the temperatures outside are very low. Other causes may include radiators that have not been bled, the thermostat set to too low temperature or a turned off heating system.


You can prevent many of the problems that arise when using a gas furnace if you take minimal precautions: