Tips for Spring Cleaning Your HVAC

Spring Cleaning Tips

When spring comes, it is time to clean the dirt, dust, grime and debris left behind by the winter and to prepare your building for the warmer season.  It’s best to have an HVAC Denver CO company maintenance your system, but at the least these tips can help.  The tasks that you should handle are surely many, but you should not neglect your HVAC system. Here is how to clean the indoor and the outdoor unit to prepare it for a test run and to make sure the equipment is perfectly functional:

  • Replace the furnace filter – the component is essential for the performance of your HVAC equipment and it is also very easy to do – just turn of the thermostat, locate the filter house, take out the old filter and put in the new one;
  • Clean the ducts – you can either do this by yourself, using a wet and dry vacuum or you can call a professional duct cleaner to make sure the job is done properly and to avoid having to deal with grimy, often disgusting dirt;
  • Clean the outdoor unit and prepare the area around it – remove the case of the outdoor equipment, remove all the debris, such as dried leaves and twigs and dust the components with a brush or with the help of your vacuum cleaner. De-weed the area around the unit as well, to prevent vegetation from encroaching the equipment.