Tips for Maintaining Your Air Conditioner This June

Hot Summer Days

Summer is not only the time when we get out more and enjoy life more – it is also the time when we shut all the doors and windows tight and we turn the air conditioner on high. We rely strongly on our AC units to make sure the temperature inside our home is cool and comfortable and the air is sufficiently humid and completely free from germs and contaminants. Air conditioners work hard to ensure the comfort of our homes, but to be able to keep up the good work, they need to be properly maintained by a trained Denver AC repair contractor – here are some activities you need to do on them in June:

  • Remove the winter cover from the outdoor condenser unit, unplug it and clean it – remove all the debris that has accumulated in and around the condenser, clean the coil and the panels, then reconnect the unit and switch the thermostat to cooling mode;
  • Unplug and clean the furnace as well and replace the filters;
  • Check the air ducts for any leaks, loose connections and rust and reapply insulation where it is necessary.

Air conditioner maintenance probably sounds more difficult than it is in reality, but if you want to be sure it is done professionally, call a HVAC maintenance specialist to check your units – they provide excellent services of the kind for affordable rates.