Tips for Keeping Your Air Conditioner Free of Debris

Air Conditioner Maintenance Top Tips

Air conditioners that are composed of a wall-mounted unit, hoses and cables and an outdoor unit need regular cleaning to ensure proper functioning and operation that does not put the health of those in the building served by the air conditioner at risk. While interior units usually do not draw in any large debris and the cleaning of the component is fairly easy, requiring only filter replacement and cleaning with some special products, the outdoor unit is permanently exposed to the elements, therefore the cleaning process in its case is somewhat more complicated. Here is how to ensure that the outdoor unit of your air conditioner stays debris free r:

  • Regular checks – checking whether the unit is free from leaves, twigs, other plant particles, feathers, dust, small stones and other debris is very important, especially if the unit is surrounded by vegetation;
  • Cover the unit when you mow the lawn around it or if you do any work that might send debris into the outdoor AC unit;
  • Trim the shrubs, bushes and tree branches that might clog the outdoor unit;
  • Dismantle the unit twice a year or whenever you deem it necessary and perform a thorough cleaning of the components, including the case and the fans;
  • Keep the unit covered when it is not in use during the colder months, and have an air conditioning repair technician out in Spring.