Tips for Getting Your A/C And Heating System Ready for Fall

Getting HVAC System Ready For Autumn Fall Season

Your AC unit has worked hard all summer long, so it deserves a little of your attention at the beginning of fall, a bit of pampering care that prepares it to work hard to heat your home during the cool months as well. Here are some tips for the fall maintenance of your AC:

  • Replace and clean the filters – some AC units use disposable filters, others have permanent filters that need to be regularly cleaned and there are units that combine the two types of filters. Check the filters used in your AC equipment, then replace disposable ones and clean the ones that need cleaning;
  • Clean the outdoor area – remove any debris and vegetation from the area that surrounds the outdoor unit of your AC and could hinder ventilation. Remove covers and clean underneath them, too;
  • Check the electrical connections – a faulty connection is a fire hazard, so check your entire AC system for loose connections, damaged wires and faulty controls. If necessary, get an expert HVAC Denver CO technician to perform the check for you;
  • Check the condenser coils – cleaning and unclogging the component is essential for the proper operation of the entire AC system. Check all the components of the part to make sure they are free from dust, mold and other contaminations, but if you find any fault, call a technician to take care of the repairs, it is safer and better that way.