Tips For Controlling The Temperature In Your Office

Controlled Denver AC Repair Needed For Temperature Offices

Ideal temperatures in office buildings are determined by a model created in the 1960s, which is related to a number of factors, such as average air temperature, airflow speed, relative humidity, but also metabolism, the rate at which the human body produces warmth.

Very low temperatures weaken the immune system, but very high temperatures are not beneficial either, especially if the transition is sudden. Therefore, in order to reduce the risk of illness, but also to enjoy thermal comfort, the temperature in the room you spend your working hours must be appropriate, neither too high, nor too low.

According to the World Health Organization, the right temperature for a person dressed appropriately is 18 degrees Celsius. Temperatures between 12 to 16 degrees Celsius increase the risk of respiratory disease. However, if you spend several hours in one place, like you do at the office, doing rather static activities, the 18 degrees may be a bit too low. The thermal comfort may vary from person to person in terms of temperature. A room may seem cool for someone who is sensitive to cold, while for someone who does not have such a problem it may seem comfortable.

In order to maintain ideal temperature in the office, so that the employees are not affected by thermal discomfort, a HVAC system serviced by a Denver AC repair specialist is required, efficient enough to maintain a constant temperature, adequate humidity level and air quality.