Things to Know about Indoor Air Quality

Maintain Quality Indoor Air

The quality of the air in the rooms we spend time in has a direct impact on our health and well-being, so here are a few things that everyone should know about air quality:

  • We inhale about 3,000 gallons of air a day, much of which we inhale while spending time indoors, that’s why indoor air cleanliness and air quality are so important for our health;
  • Indoor air can be up to a hundred times more polluted than the air outside – air pollutants seem to love indoor environments and many of them cannot be removed by air conditioners, the only solution being to open the window several times a day;
  • Most indoor contaminants are completely invisible and odourless, yet their effects are almost instant, causing irritation to the eyes, to the throat, to the lungs, even to the skin;
  • The kitchen is the principle source of air pollution in the home – all household appliances emit pollutants and bacteria can reach into the air from spoiled food or from meat trimmings as well;
  • Having air-cleaning plants in the house can significantly improve the quality of the air inside by reducing the amount of germs and contaminants in the air and by maintaining the humidity in the air at a healthy level.  As the summer months are coming to an end, and winter will be here soon, it’s time to change out the furnace filter and have a furnace repair Denver CO technician out for annual maintenance.