Things to Ask Your HVAC Contractor

Questions To Ask About HVAC

Hiring a Denver HVAC contractor is not a simple thing to do – there are many great and knowledgeable contractors out there, but not all of them have experience with the type of equipment that you have and not all of them work for the same rates, so here are a few questions to which you should find the answers to before choosing your HVAC specialist:

  • Questions related to experience, certificates and qualifications – HVAC contractors learn a lot before they get their license and they usually continue studying in specialization courses and trainings. Tell the contractor that you are considering about the Denver HVAC project that you want to get executed and ask him to provide certificates or diplomas to prove that he has the right type of experience;
  • The process – ask the contractor to explain you the project phases. If you don’t understand something, ask for clarifications;
  • The price and the schedule – ask for a detailed cost estimate for the project and ask whatever questions you have related to labor fees, material costs as well as deadlines. Don’t accept unrealistic deadlines – many HVAC contractors tend to promise very quick work, but you must know that good work always takes time.