The Most Common Mistakes Made with Your Thermostat

Installation Of Thermostat Can Save You Money

Installing a thermostat or having Pasterkamp install one is a great way to ensure the energy-efficiency of the heating and the cooling system in your home as well as to achieve a higher level of temperature accuracy, but many homeowners don’t use their thermostats correctly and make costly mistakes during usage. Here are the most common mistakes made with thermostats that you should avoid:

  • Using the wrong settings – most homes use a single thermostat for controlling the temperature in the entire house, for rooms that are surrounded by other rooms and are therefore easier to cool and to heat as well for rooms that have walls exposed to the elements. The best way to achieve constant temperature across the home is to set the thermostat to a lower temperature and to adjust the valves on the individual radiators;
  • Keeping the heating on high all the time – one of the most common misconceptions related to heating is that you need to maintain high temperatures constantly. It is recommended to maintain a certain temperature across the home, indeed, but when you are not at home, you should turn the thermostat down to avoid heat loss;
  • Turning off the thermostat – you should always maintain a certain temperature in your home, so when you leave home, you should turn the heating down, not off.