The Main Questions You Need to Ask About Your Air Conditioner

Main questions air conditioning

Regardless of the type of HVAC or standalone air conditioning system you own, it is essential to ask as many relevant questions as you can, so you’ll know exactly how to operate and maintain them in good shape, if you want to avoid having to call in the experts for a repair job too often.


One of the first things to ask about is how large the system should be for providing the adequate air conditioning power to a room, an apartment or a house of a specific square footage. Asking your contractor about these details will provide you with the ideal information to purchase the right size system, so you don’t have to overwork it and you won’t run the risk of feeling hot in the summer despite running your AC on a constant basis.


How long will installing a new system take? Would it be a viable solution to just repair the old one? When it comes to fixing your AC, you might want to check and see whether it’s even worth it, or whether it would be best to just get a brand new AC with all the bells and whistles.


How often should you clean or replace the filters? Do you have to clean the vents? What other maintenance tasks can you do without the assistance of a team of experts? In many cases, you’ll find the right answers to these and many other maintenance-related questions by simply calling on your local contractor at