The Different Types of HVAC Systems

Tips On HVAC Systems

As the time passes, HVAC systems have undergone transformations, and today they are more complex and more present in our lives than ever. The presence of a HVAC system is a criterion for choosing a hotel or a house that we buy or build. We start from the premise that we need a pleasant environment and thermal comfort, wherever we are.

There are a few types of HVAC systems.

Split Systems

These are the classic systems, with indoor and outdoor units, composed by an air conditioner, furnaces, an evaporator coil or a fan, a thermostat or a control panel and other accessories such as humidifiers, purifiers etc.

Hybrid heat split systems

These are more advanced versions of the classic HVAC systems, providing better energy efficiency. They include a heat pump, furnaces, the evaporator coil, a duct system, options for adjusting the settings and optional accessories.

Duct-free split HVAC systems

These are great for buildings where a duct system cannot be installed. They are composed by a heat pump/  an air conditioner, a compact fan coil, tubing and wires that make the connection between the fan coil and the outdoor unit, the thermostat/ control panel and optional accessories.

Packaged HVAC systems

In these systems, the heat pump/ air conditioner and the evaporator coil exist in one unit, which makes them suitable for places where these components could not be installed separately. Acquire the help of a good HVAC contractor Denver has available.