The Different Parts Of A Furnace

Furnace Repair Technician Different Furnace Parts


A heat generator is a boiler that works on gas, wood or other type of fuel, so it can produce the required amount of heat by recirculating the water. More recently, an alternative source is represented by the solar panels, which use the energy that results from solar radiation for heating the water that will be introduced into the circuit.


The pipes must be able to transport the heating agent to the point of consumption, guaranteeing the maximum flow and the lowest noise generated by the passage of water. If they are properly insulated, heat loss will be minimum, and this is an aspect that should not be overlooked, as it influences the operating costs of the entire installation. The heating elements can be: radiators, fan coils, radiant wall and floor panels.


Because the pump is an important component, you must consider certain aspects, such as energy saving and the option of using a fixed or variable speed. If there is the possibility to vary the flow, we recommend you to use an electronic circulation pump with inverter, which regulates the pump speed according to the installation requirements.  As always, get information from your local Denver furnace repair technician as to what works best for your type of heating unit.