The Difference Between Swamp Coolers and Air Conditioners

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Swamp coolers and air conditioners are both devices used for regulating the temperature inside buildings and they are both great at what they are expected to do. However, the two systems achieve the cooling effect using different technologies – here are a few of the most important differences between them:

  • Air conditioners cool the air by passing it through coils filled with refrigerant liquid, while swamp coolers rely on the principle that water needs heat to evaporate and usually require air conditioning repair services. As the temperature of air can be reduced significantly if it is passed through liquid, swamp coolers drive the air to a water-filled pad with the help of fans;
  • While air conditioners are close systems that circulate the air in the room they are installed in, so they don’t like it if the windows and the doors on the room are opened and closed too often, swamp coolers are open systems that use the flow of air throughout the room, therefore they need fresh air to be able to work properly;
  • Like A/C units, swamp coolers also come in various sizes and they are available in fixed and portable versions as well, but when it comes to the costs, swamp coolers are somewhat more affordable.