Lou B

Exceptional Service

“Dear Dirk,

I directed this to your attention just so I could get word to you of the exceptional service I received from Bruce and Steve in getting my water heater replaced last week.

My wife saw some water on the floor that morning, I called 303-777-1234 and when I found that Bruce had someone in his office I caused a Chinese fire drill by leaving my office phone number rather than my home number. When I hadn’t heard back within an hour I called again and corrected my mistake. I hope I don’t pull the same stunt if I ever need the fire department.

Bruce shook that one off easily and had Steve at my back door in no time with a new heater in tow. He turned in an excellent installation and on top of it was a real gentleman and pleasant to know and had us back in warm water before we knew it.

I gave both Bruce and Steve a 4.0 from start to finish.

All the best,