Taking Proper Care of Your HVAC: Does Your Business Require Regular HVAC Maintenance?

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HVAC maintenance is a common requirement associated with both businesses and regular homes. It doesn’t matter what the size or type of your HVAC system might be. If it has a heating and air-conditioning cycle, it qualifies as an HVAC and has to be regulated and maintained accordingly.


Regular HVAC maintenance can, of course, mean a lot of things. Some businesses have a newer HVAC device, and they don’t have a very large place or practices that produce a lot of dust or other unwanted debris and particles that can become airborne. As a result, air filters and vents might get dirty only after a longer time, so HVAC maintenance is not required as frequently. However, there are also businesses that feature larger spaces and constantly work with manufacturing techniques requiring a more advanced approach to removing unwanted dust and debris from the air.


You will need to have a dependable and experienced commercial HVAC professional like Pasterkamp in Denver inspect the unit and talk to you about your business’ practices before considering how frequently you will have a need for professional HVAC maintenance. However, as many experts will tell you, even common, low grade HVAC systems used on residential properties need regular maintenance at least once or twice per year. So chances are your commercial HVAC will require it even more frequently.