Small Business COVID Disinfecting HVAC Services

clean air HVAC company disinfecting

As the weather becomes warmer, you are considering turning on the AC systems in your store, to create a pleasant atmosphere for your staff and customers. But won’t you also bring in the feared COVID virus with the air flow? Could you do anything about it, such as hiring a company like Pasterkamp in Denver to disinfect your HVAC units?


Here are a few thoughts:


  1. You Can Hire Specialized Disinfection Services

Licensed companies specialized in neutralizing biological contaminants are getting an increasing demand for their services. They will know exactly what to do to sanitize and disinfect your premises, making your store safe for everyone.


  1. You Are Not Likely to Get COVID through the AC Unit

While there is a theoretical risk of getting COVID particles with the air flow of the AC unit, it is minimal. Specialists in infections diseases have been studying this phenomenon for a year and they say that the risk is limited.


  1. Make Your Business Safer by Applying Safety Rules

Wearing a mask, maintaining physical distance and washing hands frequently are the best methods of protection against COVID. Many small businesses are also placing hand sanitizer at the entrance, so that customers can clean their hands before touching products in the store.