Simple Steps To Keep Your Furnace Clean And Long Lasting

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It is very important to keep your furnace in optimal parameters throughout the year, so you will have to ensure maintenance before and after the cold season. This must be done to prolong its lifespan, to ensure an efficient heat transfer and, at the same time, to keep maintenance costs minimal.

The prevention of potential inconveniences caused by the failure of the furnace is done by performing the technical revision, to check the condition of the components, as well as limescale deposits that may affect the functionality of the furnace in time.

The inspection of the installation is recommended to be done annually by a specialized company such as Pasterkamp of Denver , in order to prevent high heating bills and costs for future repairs. But if you do not want to spend money on professional checkups or chemical washes, it is good to do a test of the installation, before the start of the cold season:

  • Check the water pressure to detect potential leaks in the system.
  • Check the filters (mechanic, magnetic and anti-limescale filters) just to make sure that they are not clogged and work properly.
  • Check that the recirculation pump is working properly and is not blocked. Because of the limescale deposits, it often happens that, at the beginning of the season, circulation pumps remain blocked. In this case, they need a little help for the start.
  • Make sure that the gas exhaust systems are not clogged or have other faults that could obstruct the proper evacuation. Also check that if the fan is working.