Reduce Allergies with A New Air Filter

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Are you sneezing uncontrollably even when you are at home? Are your eyes continually watering? These are some telltale of allergies – but how can they affect you in the safety and comfort of your home? One of the main culprits for this situation is the old and dirty filter of your A/C unit.


Here is how a new air filter can help you reduce allergies:


  1. The A/C Unit Retains More Dust and Dirt

A new and clean air conditioning filter is capable of retaining dust and particles from the air. Thus, the air entering your room is not only cooler, but also cleaner. Dust and mites are mostly airborne and they can affect people with allergies.


  1. Special Filters Protect People with Allergies

If you are really sensitive to a lot of allergens, you can opt for a HEPA air filter, which is capable of retaining very small particles. There are many special filters of this kind available on the market. Your doctor will be able to recommend the best model to install.


  1. Clean Filters Help the A/C Work Properly

Clogged air filter will cause your A/C unit to have a reduced airflow and even not cool the room to the desired temperature. In time, an overworked air conditioner may even malfunction and have leaks which, in turn, foster mold and fungi.  It’s also good to call in a professional HVAC company like Pasterkamp to service your furnace and air conditioning unit annually.