Questions to Ask about Your Air Conditioner

Ask The Right AC System Repair QuestionsGetting a new HVAC system installed is a costly and complex process that involves the assessment of the essential features you need with your new equipment, decisions about the system’s capacities and the consideration of many other aspects, too. To have the HVAC that cools and heats your rooms efficiently, without increasing your energy bills to unreasonably high levels, you need to find the answer to a lot of questions before you commit to one unit or another – here are some of the most important questions to ask about your new HVAC:

  • AC capacity – the capacity that you need your HVAC system to have is calculated using the measurements of the space that the unit will be installed in. To find out the exact size, you can use online calculators or you can ask your HVAC contractor to do the math for you;
  • Ductwork – if you already have ductwork installed in your building, the question obviously arises whether you can keep any of it for the new HVAC. You need a professional to answer that question: the ductwork needs to be professionally checked for faults, such as holes or other types of damage;
  • Energy efficiency – modern HVAC systems use much less energy than older models. Before you buy a new HVAC, ask a Denver AC repair expert about the energy efficiency ratings of the units available.