New Innovations Coming to the HVAC Industry

HVAC Contractor Implementing New Innovations

Technology is an area driven by innovation – without invention, the process of development would stop. The state of affairs is not different when it comes to innovations in the HVAC industry – here are some innovations that are likely to change a lot:

  • Movement-activated appliances – energy-efficiency being among the most serious concerns when it comes to the usage of air conditioners, motion-activated systems save a lot of energy by turning on HVAC units when the sensors they are fitted with detect the presence of humans in the room;
  • Appliances that use ice – these innovative systems freeze water in a tank, then use the ice made for cooling the building. The process is more energy-efficient and more environment-friendly than the process used by conventional air conditioners;
  • Smart HVAC systems – like lighting, security systems and entertainment, HVAC can also be controlled via smartphones and other digital devices connected to the HVAC through the internet. The integration of the two systems has opened multiple paths for development and it has radically changed the way that engineers and designers approach temperature control solutions;
  • Geothermal pumps – the technology that uses a pump to extract heat from deep down in the soil and to transfer it to the home has been around for decades, but it started attracting massive interest only recently.  Find out more from a local HVAC contractor Denver area.