Keeping Your Home or Office The Perfect Temperature All Year Long

Keeping Office Temperature Controlled

Many studies indicate that the ideal temperature in a work environment is of 70-72 degrees Fahrenheit. But the results of these studies do not always take into account some important aspects.

First of all, men and women perceive temperature differently and feel comfortable at different values of it. According to a study from 2015, a woman`s body is more sensitive to cold, as the female body has a lower metabolic rate and also a lower percentage of fat. Age also changes the way we perceive temperature. As we get older, we are more sensitive to cold as well as to excessive heat. The office building itself also influences the way indoor temperature is perceived by people who work there. Buildings with large windows benefit from sunlight and heat up faster.

In this context, to keep a perfect temperature all year round, you should have a modern HVAC system that makes it easy to adjust the temperature in any season and maintain thermal comfort. Such systems have thermostats that can be used to set the temperature at the desired level.

Last but not least, humidity influences the way we perceive temperature, so it must be kept between 50-55%, so that all employees feel comfortable and experience no allergies, irritations or other problems related to the respiratory system.  For heating and Denver HVAC services, call on Pasterkamp.