Is It Wise To Have Your Furnace Inspected Every Year?

Furnace Inspections Yearly

The law requires owners to inspect their furnaces every 2 years, and the operation must be performed only by authorized companies. However, you can request this verification whenever you want – every year, if you consider necessary and suspect that something is not quite right.

What is included in the periodic technical inspection?

  • checking the integrity of the furnace and maintaining the initial installation conditions
  • checking and cleaning the boiler and its components
  • checking of valves, filters and heat exchangers
  • checking the correct functioning of the control, adjustment and safety devices – such as over temperature protection, water or gas shortage;
  • checking and adjusting the combustion in according to the manufacturer’s instructions
  • checking the pressure in the gas ramp, when it enters the burner; depending on the minimum or maximum permissible values, the necessary corrections will be made
  • analyzing and verifying the furnace`s emissions using a gas analyzer in order to classify the values ??within the allowed limits: noxious, carbon monoxide, gas temperature, oxygen surplus, boiler efficiency
  • checking the voltage at the power outlet and the existence of the ground connection

The purpose of periodic inspection

  • operation of all equipment under maximum safety conditions – unless properly installed and maintained, the thermal power plants are not safe
  • optimization of fuel consumption – consumption far beyond the usual limit makes the boiler practically inefficient
  • re-authorizing the operation of the equipment.

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