Is It Best to Keep Your A/C Running All the Time?

HVAC Questions

One of the most common questions related to AC is whether the best method to keep the home comfortably cool is to leave the appliance on all the time, even when there is no one at home or to turn the AC on high the second you arrive home. Here are some things that you should know about energy usage and your HVAC:

  • Any appliance that is turned on when there is nobody around to use it or nobody to enjoy the effects produced by the appliance wastes money and increases the burden on the environment in a wasteful, irresponsible way;
  • Air conditioners are the most efficient when they operate at the top of their capacity (most AC appliances are noisy when they start running at high settings, but the machine will calm down after a few minutes). This means that the appliance will actually use less energy when it is turned on high for a shorter period than having it running at low speeds for a longer period;
  • A programmable thermostat installed by HVAC Denver CO technician is a small investment with huge benefits – you can program the device to turn on the AC about half an hour before you get home, that way you can come home to a comfortably cool home and prevent energy waste.