Is A Gas Or Electric Furnace More Efficient?

Furnace Burner Repair

Furnaces are equipments that provide hot water and thermal comfort in several points of consumption, from a single source. The choice of a certain model must be made according to the thermal needs (points of hot water consumption and volume of space to be heated), the type of fuel, the acquisition costs and the operating costs.

Gas furnaces

Gas furnaces have the advantage of using one of the cheapest conventional fuels. If the building where we want to install a furnace is connected to gas, you should probably opt for a gas furnace, which can be classic or condensing. The latter has an extremely high efficiency.

A gas furnace offers the advantage of a comfortable operation because it requires minimal maintenance and cleaning, as opposed to installations that operate on other fuels.

Electric furnaces

An electric furnace is a fast and efficient heating solution. It has an affordable price and can be installed by Denver furnace repair experts extremely easily. With this type of furnace, we will get exactly as much power as stated by the manufacturer. This is due to the fact that an electrical resistance manages to convert an electrical kW into a thermal kW in proportion of almost 100%. Thus, we can easily get an idea about the monthly electricity consumption used by the furnace.