Important Things You Never Knew About the City of Denver

Denver Is A Beautiful Place

Denver is one of the most beautiful American cities you can visit. Fashion-forward, technologically advanced and impressively expansive, this is one city that will never get you to feel bored. If you visit Denver, you’ll find there are a lot of interesting and exciting things you probably never heard about when it comes to the city.


First of all, Denver is more than 5,000 feet above sea level, and it’s very close to the famous Rocky Mountains. In fact, many peaks are visible from the city even though its elevation is not high enough to lead to uncomfortable winters.


Another important fact is that Denver has more than 300 days of sunshine per year. This is a surprising fact, since not even Miami Beach or San Diego has as many annual hours of sunshine. At the same time, Denver is a dry city, much drier than the city of Phoenix and other places in Arizona that were previously believed to be extremely dry.  For some of the hotter days, make sure you have your air conditioner performing at it’s best, call


Finally, the Gold Rush during the mid-19th century was the main event that has led to Denver becoming a powerful and abundant city in Colorado. Growing fast, it continued to attract an increasing number of visitors, settlers and travelers, until it eventually grew into the beautiful bright city we know and love today.