Important Questions You Have to Ask When Hiring an HVAC Company

Important Questions For Air Conditioning HVAC Repair

HVAC companies come in many shapes and sizes. Some specialize in systems based on natural gas, while others are better acquainted with electric or geothermal systems that are considered ecofriendly. Before hiring an air conditioning repair Denver company, make sure you ask them the following questions and do your own research as well:


  • Are they licensed and certified to work on the type of HVAC system you own? Getting a copy of the company’s license and certification is of paramount importance especially if you own a heating system that works on natural gas or propane, as they have to prove that they are competent enough to safely operate such systems.
  • How much experience do they have in working on similar HVACs? Can they offer references or provide you with visual proof of successful past projects?
  • What is the amount you can expect to pay for a complete replacement of your HVAC? How about for a repair job? Would a replacement really be necessary? These are questions you have to ask right after they inspect your system and find it to be old or worn out, as such systems will not always have to be replaced.
  • When should you expect their project to be completed and how much will it cost? A written quote is usually a good idea to ask for, and you should always consult a different expert’s opinion as well, before agreeing to sign a contract.