How You Can Use Your HVAC System to Reduce the Risk of COVID

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Despite the fact that there are, of course, many other practices that you need to apply in order to reduce the risk of COVID, using your HVAC system certainly helps a lot. That is due to the fact that the air gets filtered when the unit is running and functioning properly.

Therefore, in case you have a HVAC Denver CO system, the best thing you can do is to let system fan run for longer periods of time. In fact, many systems can be set to still filter the air even when no actual cooling or heating of the air is taking place.

Another very important detail for you to check is whether the filter is properly put into place. You may even decide to upgrade the filter, in order to make it work more efficiently. In case your system is equipped with outside air intake, you should open it.

Heat recovery ventilator is another element that can send the stale air outside, and let in new and fresh air. These units work better with ducted HVAC systems.

Ultraviolet light is known to successfully combat coronavirus droplets. Therefore, a very good idea would be to get an ultraviolet air purifier, thus making your HVAC system against more efficient against the spread of this virus.