How To Winter Proof Your Home Heating System

Winter Proof Your Home

Winter proofing your home heating system is something to do before the arrival of the season, to ensure its proper functionality when you need it most. You will surely be thankful later for being so proactive.

  • Turn on the heat in autumn

Do not be reluctant to switch on your home heating system until necessary. Turning it on earlier, even for a short time, will allow you to identify potential problems and repair them in time.

  • Bleed the radiators

Air build-up in the radiators is a frequent occurrence while the system doesn`t work and, when you finally turn it on, you notice that some radiators remain half cold. You can deal with this problem easily, by bleeding the radiators.

  • Have your entire heating system serviced before winter

Annual inspection and maintenance are very important operations. Bring a registered engineer to perform them and the potential remedial works, before the arrival of the winter.

  • Insulate your pipework

Your central heating system may freeze during the cold season, which will prevent it from working properly. Insulate your external pipes, or have them re-routed internally.

  • Protect your system with an inhibitor

Adding an inhibitor to a central heating system is a common practice to reduce limescale build up and corrosion.  For repair to your home heating system, see