How to Tell If Your Home Needs Duct Work

HVAC in Home

The duct system in your home plays a very important role in maintaining the temperature throughout the home comfortable in any season as well as in keeping the air inside sufficiently moist, healthy and free of germs or contaminants. If you have noticed some changes in air quality lately and the temperature in your home has been fluctuating even though your cooling and heating habits have not changed, here are a few signs that indicate a failure of the duct system in your home:

  • The temperature is not distributed evenly throughout the home – if some rooms are inexplicably hot, while others are too cold, you might have a leaking air duct somewhere;
  • You get more dust inside the home – excess dust is also a sign of a leaky air duct because the heat passing through the ducts pulls dust through a hole or a crack in the duct;
  • Your heating and cooling bills are inexplicably high – a dramatic increase in energy costs can be a sign of an inefficient duct system or a sign that the ducts are leaky or no longer properly sealed. Faulty ducts make your furnace work much harder, so inspecting and resealing your ducts is a possible solution. Call a Denver HVAC technician and schedule an appointment to have them to a complete inspection for peace of mind.