How To Protect Your Outdoor Air Conditioner During Winter

Winterize Your Air Condtioning Unit

Although the outdoor air conditioner unit is designed to operate in various types of climate, you should consider providing it a minimum protection, especially during the cold season.

  1. Cover the outdoor unit

Covering the air conditioner for long periods of time is a bad idea, because it can significantly reduce its overall performance and leave a way open to mildew and rust formation. However, experts recommend that during winters with lots of precipitation and bad weather, you put a special cover on the outdoor unit. These covers are designed to protect the unit from dirt, water and salinity that may cause startup problems. Typically made of PVC material, sewn with double edges and fitted with side strips to allow ducts to come out, the protective covers also have ventilation holes on the back, to prevent water accumulation.

  1. Install a polyplan awning, with the right angle to allow snow and ice to slide down instead of accumulate on the outdoor unit
  2. Use maintenance services

Knowing the condition of your air conditioner before the start of the winter is essential, have a HVAC contractor Denver area out for winter maintenance. Problems such as mold, rust, small malfunctions or improper air circulation in the system may be exaggerated during the cold season, therefore, for your safety, you should call a specialist air conditioning company and schedule periodic maintenance.