How to Maintain Your Heating System This Summer

Furnace Repair During Summer Months Is Good

Most homeowners pay increased attention to their heating system during the colder months of the year, but they forget all about it when the temperatures outside are high enough to turn off the heaters. However, the period when you don’t need your heating system is the best time to handle the task related to system maintenance – here is how you can make sure that your heating will work impeccably when you turn it on again in fall:

  • Regularly check the furnace filters – these filters should be inspected every single month, spring and summer included, but in summer you have the time to perform a more detailed inspection and to replace the filters that can no longer be properly cleaned;
  • Check the thermostat – you should verify the thermostat, too, to see whether it turns the heating on and off at the right temperatures. If you find that the device does not work properly, call a Denver furnace repair technician for advice about how to proceed;
  • Clean all the components – the drainage hole, the air vents and all the other components of your heating system tend to gather dust and other debris, so the time when the system is completely out of use is the best time to clean everything and to replace disposable components.