How to Keep Your Air Conditioner Healthy and Working Properly in July

Save For Home Repair Expenses

When the month of July arrives, you already know you’re facing heat and trying times. If you own a large house or you’re running a business in the middle of a busy city, then chances are your air conditioning system has to work overtime during this period. Follow these tips to prevent it from failing:


  • Have it inspected right before summer. April or May are a great time to do so and to cover any air conditioning repair related expenses that might come up. In some cases, you might even have to replace your entire AC unit.
  • Have the air conditioner’s coils cleaned up. Any dirt on the evaporator or the condenser coils will eventually lead to the unit’s impaired ability to absorb heat. Pay special attention to outdoor condenser coils, as they have the habit of attracting the most amount of dirt.
  • Clean or change your air filters. One-inch plated air filters will have to be replaced at least once a month, and even the best filters will need to be replaced at least once a year, during your AC unit’s annual maintenance check.


These tasks won’t keep your air-conditioner from failing eventually under duress, if it’s an older or less efficient model. However, they will prolong its ability to cool the air in your home or at your office more efficiently, thus reducing the likelihood that it would fail any time soon.