How to Keep Cool Air in This Summer

Keeping Cool In The Summer Heat

Keeping cool air inside is essential for the comfort of your household in summer, so here are a few tips how to have comfortably cool rooms without hiking energy bills when it is scorching outside:

  • Use drapes individually or to aid the work of your air conditioner – turn off the AC in the evenings and keep your windows open during the night, then shut them and close the drapes early in the morning, especially in the rooms that get lots of sunshine during the day. The fresh air that gets in during the night will stay fresh and cool in your darkened rooms and you will be able to reduce the time you need the AC running, keep in contact with an HVAC contractor Denver has available for seasonal maintenance;
  • Use a ceiling fan – another method that you can use either individually or to help the AC. Ceiling fans only move the air, they don’t cool it, but they are great units that refresh the atmosphere in your rooms;
  • Check the areas around your doors and windows – if you notice any gaps between the walls and the openings, apply some caulk to seal the area, that way your home will become better insulated and less cool air will escape through unnoticed cracks and gaps.