How to Decipher What Your Thermostat Is Telling You

Knowing The Functions of A Thermostat

The thermostat in your home or in your office is a device that is usually mounted on the wall and it serves the purpose of adjusting the temperature settings of the air conditioner or of the heating and cooling equipment. The simplest thermostats have only a dial with numbers around to represent the increments of the temperature range in which the equipment works, but the more advanced the equipment, the more information it can show on the thermostat’s digital display:

  • Temperatures – complex displays show several temperature-related figures, not only the actual temperature in the room, but the target temperature that the equipment is working to reach as well;
  • Mode switches – if your system can be used for cooling as well as for heating, the thermostat will feature a switch button to use when you want to change the operation mode;
  • Ventilation – the display will also show an icon of a small ventilator fan to tell you when the ventilation function is on, if it’s not working you may need a Denver AC repair serviceman out to fix it;
  • The date, the day of the week and the time are also shown on thermostat displays;
  • On and off buttons, either in the form of physical buttons or as components of the touch screen.