How to Achieve Equal Warmth throughout Your Home 

pasterkamp furnace inspection warmth in every room

During the winter months, we spend more time inside than outdoors. And we want to enjoy warmth and comfort in all the rooms in our house. However, in many cases homeowners note that one room is colder than the others, although the heating system is working within normal parameters.


Here are some things you can do to achieve equal warmth in all rooms:


  1. Move Furniture Away from the Vents

In many cases, people arrange furniture in a room taking into account esthetics and the space needed to move freely. One other aspect you need to keep in mind is the position of the vents for heating and cooling. If a large sofa or a bookcase is standing right in front of the vents, most of the warm air will be absorbed by these instead of warming the entire volume of the room.


  1. Clean Air Filters

Clogged air filters reduce the flow of warm air significantly. At the same time, forgetting to clean or replace filters will lead to poor air quality inside the room. Air filters should be cleaned at least twice per year and replaced according to the manufacturer’s instructions.


  1. Install Balancing Dampers

Balancing dampers are installed on the main branches of the HVAC ductwork to provide different levels of air flow to each room, as required. For instance, a small room requires less air flow than a large living room. The dampers will control the air flow so that both rooms receive sufficient warm air.  To have your home furnace expected see