How Often To Service Your AC Unit

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In order to make your air conditioning function properly, you need to maintain it. Of course, this includes regular cleaning. The good news is that, thanks to latest technology, nowadays AC systems are equipped with anti-dust filters, which can help people have better sleep at night, thanks to the quality of the air inside their house.

Checking your AC unit is very important: it can help you identify any potential issues and solve them before they become more serious. A well functioning AC unit is the result of regular cleaning, inspection and Denver AC repair.

According to most specialists, you should service your AC at least once a year. During the servicing operation, you should also clean the filters and ducts, making sure that your unit is working in such a way that you actually save money on energy bills.

As a recommendation, you should schedule your yearly servicing about a month before the hottest period of the year, depending on the climate of the area you are located. During the servicing, there are certain parts of your AC unit that will receive special attention, including the compressor, the refrigerant levels, the drain lines, the supply lines, the motor, the blower, and so on.