How Often Should Your Air Conditioner Undergo Maintenance?

AC Preventive Maintenance Repair Services

Air conditioner maintenance is essential not only for prolonging the unit’s lifespan by ensuring proper operation, but also for the health and safety of the people who spend time in the room. Here are some tips for the correct scheduling:

  • Frequency – your AC system should receive a thorough cleaning at least once a year, but the ideal frequency is twice a year, especially if your AC works all the time and it is used for heating as well as for cooling. You should schedule one maintenance session for the spring, to make sure that your AC can cool your spaces efficiently, without breaking down all summer and one more session for fall, to prepare your system for the cold season;
  • Cleaning – the process should involve the cleaning or the replacement of all the filters, the inspection and the cleaning of all the ducts, of the indoor and the outdoor units as well for an overall Denver AC repair appointment;
  • Performance checks – while filter cleaning and replacement as well as the maintenance of the outdoor and the indoor unit can be done DIY fashion, checking the performance of your unit and carrying out tasks that require measurements should be left to professionals. The process should be scheduled for spring and for fall, just like the cleaning.