How Often Should You Think of Replacing Your Furnace Filter?

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Switching out a furnace filter might seem like an easy endeavor, but it can still be somewhat of a hassle if you don’t have the proper technical skills or you’re just too busy to do it on a regular basis. Nevertheless, as most experts will tell you, it’s very important to have your furnace filter replaced at least once every 90 days, depending on how frequently you use your furnace.


Furnaces recirculate the air in your home, and the filter can therefore become dirtier the more the furnace is used. As a result, there’s no clear cut direction as to how often you should replace your furnace filter. It often depends on how frequently you turn on your furnace, how long it works for, and what the specific guidelines of the manufacturers are.


HVAC Denver CO experts will tell you that, despite the general guidelines requiring that you change your filter about once every 3 months, this isn’t always enough. The filter can collect dirt a lot sooner than that, which will not only reduce the efficiency of your furnace and require it to use more energy to operate properly, but also put a lot of strain on it and cause it to break down more quickly.


As such, it might be best to replace your filter once every one and a half or two months, depending on how heavily your furnace is in use. For more specific guidelines, however, it’s also best to contact your local HVAC specialists and ask them for further advice.