How Often Should You Really Change Your Furnace Filter?

Importance Of Heating And Cooling Inspections

Changing the furnace filter every now and then is a necessary task that not many regular homeowners are knowledgeable about. While the task itself isn’t that difficult, many homeowners are left scratching their heads as to what should make them want to change their furnace filters more often than the usual three, six or twelve months – depending on the size of the filter.  It’s also good to note, with Spring around the corner, it’s time schedule an air conditioning repair Denver technician for an inspection of your cooling system.


Here are a few influencing factors that might make you think about changing your filters even more frequently:


  1. Animals are a definite factor because of their pet hair and the excess allergens, dust and debris they bring in from the outside. If you have at least one pet, you’ll want to change a one or two-inch filter about once every month, and a four-inch filter once every two months.
  2. Dust will also be a major factor. Consider how much dust you have in your home and how much you and your household bring in every day just by walking outside. This factor is made worse as time goes by, especially in homes that are situated in arid climates such as the Nevada desert, as well as Arizona or Texas.
  3. Finally, smoking will also influence how often you have to change your furnace filter. If one or more members of the family are smokers, then you should basically treat the situation the same as if you had animals in your home.