How Often Should You Change Your Furnace Filter?

Question How Often To Change Furnace Filter

The correct use of a furnace is not only limited to its optimal setting for hot water and heat, summer or winter. The efficiency of a HVAC Denver CO system depends greatly on the way it is maintained as well as on smart investments that keep away harmful external factors. Among the most well-known enemies of a furnare are limestone deposits and other residues from domestic water.

How can the proper functioning of a furnace be protected from the non-beneficial action of these factors? A furnace has 4 filters: gas filter, Y filter, household water impurity filter and magnetic filter for limestone deposits

Depending on the type of filter, its properties and the indications of the installer, it should be changed every 2 years. In most cases, the indications for changing the filter are made during the annual inspection, guided by a specialist. However, they can also be cleaned at a fixed time interval (in some filters, cleaning is recommended every three months), with the frequency indicated by the installer.

Filters and faucets must also be replaced when you replace the old boiler with a new one. If you want to protect your boiler and help it operate at an optimum level for as long as possible, it is advisable to consult with a professional regarding the type of filter that fits your boiler. At the same time, you can save about 30% of the possible costs with the repairs.