How Often Do You Have to Service Your Commercial Refrigeration Systems?

Commercial Refrigerators

Whether you’re running a grocery store or a fast food place, there’s no escaping the need for quality commercial refrigerators. They are what keeps your ice cream and dairy products fresh, and they will also provide your customers with soothing, cool drinks during those scorching summer days.


Keeping your refrigeration systems in check is highly essential if you want your business to run smoothly. The first thing to do in this regard is to find a reliable commercial refrigerator expert who can come by at least a few times every year to check on your system. They can check to see whether the refrigeration elements need replacing and whether or not the electric cords are a safety concern.


Another great thing to do is check for mold and contaminated ice. If you have ice machines or refrigerators on display, then these unsightly problems can drive your customers away. However, that’s far from that being the only issue you will run into. You might also face the risk of dangerous contaminants such as e. coli, salmonella and Listeria, along with about a dozen code violations.


For best results, and to make sure your system works efficiently and doesn’t use up too much energy, have your refrigeration equipment inspected at least twice per year. Regular cleaning and tune-ups should be scheduled based on expert recommendation after the inspections are done.  For all your HVAC services, go to