How Much Money Does A Smart Thermostat Save?

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In our energy-intensive society, smart thermostats are a way to reduce energy consumption and implicitly your utility costs. Homeowners who are passionate about technology have the option to program their HVAC systems for optimum efficiency and comfort.  It a good idea to have an air conditioning repair Denver technician out to update your old HVAC system to help save you money.

Manufacturers of smart thermostats claim that their products can help people make considerable savings. The estimated average is $10 per month and 23% annually. This percentage can be higher or lower, depending on several factors:

  • Your energy consumption habits – some people leave their HVAC system on for heating constantly all winter, while others prefer reducing the temperature during the night and when they go to work.
  • The cost of utilities in your area – they tend to be more expensive every year.
  • Seasonal variables – not all winters are the same; in some years, they are very cold, while in other years, they are rather mild. The same goes for summers.
  • Climate – if you live in a temperate climate, you should be able to save more than someone who faces both very cold winters and crushing summers when the HVAC system runs at full capacity.
  • The HVAC system you have – some systems are more efficient than others. Besides, the insulation and your maintenance habits will also make a difference.