How Frequently Should You Use Your Air Conditioner to Cool Your House?

AC repair time summer time cooling home

Although some people might prefer to use the air conditioner on a constant basis, especially in very warm areas, this isn’t usually recommended and causes a need for Denver AC repair more frequently. Doing so will not only put added pressure on the system and cause it to malfunction sooner, but it could also cause health problems when your body is adapted to the cooler environment and then you suddenly have to go out and do some physical work.


The best way to use your AC is intermittently, by turning it on and off occasionally to cool the air and then maintaining the cold by insulating your room in various ways – such as shutting all doors and windows, setting up blinds to keep the sunlight out, and so on.


The answer to the question of how often you should turn on your air conditioning and how long you should keep your AC on depends on how large and strong your unit is. If it’s oversized for the room you own, then it will probably only need to run for about 10 minutes at a time, a couple of times per hour. If it’s just the right size, however, it will likely need to run about 15 minutes at a time.


Of course, many other factors come into this as well, including how well your insulation is working and how quickly the temperature and weather conditions tend to change in your area.