How Frequently Do Commercial HVACs Need to Be Repaired?

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Owning a commercial HVAC is no easy business. Even though you might think that the maintenance process is not going to be difficult, it will soon become apparent that these HVAC systems are very different from a regular, residential heating and AC system and require the knowledge of HVAC contractors Denver to operate smoothly.


Although your HVAC might run on the same type of energy or generally use the same type of technology as a residential HVAC, there are a lot of differences:


  • The size is much larger, so that the HVAC can cover a larger amount of square footage. If it needs to heat a large warehouse or factory, then it will be even more powerful than most commercial HVAC systems.
  • Filters, heat pumps, refrigerant levels and other elements that change or are depleted in a shorter time span will have to be evaluated.
  • The best HVAC systems also have sophisticated safety and control mechanisms that are far more advanced than a simple thermostat. Those will have to be checked as well.


Generally speaking, there is a lot that could go wrong, but with proper maintenance, your commercial HVAC will only need repairing once every few years or so. Depending on whether the unit is new or not and depending on how well it operates, what brand it is and what type of technology it uses, the time of its first repair can vary greatly as well.