How Does Ventilation Affect Your HVAC’s Heating and Cooling Power?

ventilation air conditioner maintenance

Ventilation is a big part of the functionality of your AC and heating system. Regardless of the type of HVAC system or boiler you own, ventilation facilitates the use or cooling of the system in a number of ways.  Ventilation is why air conditioner Denver maintenance should be done annually.


First of all, it’s important to say that most heating systems fall under two categories: the kinds that heat your home by blowing hot air through a system of vents to get it to all the areas of your home as efficiently as possible, and the ones that head through the use of hot water. Both these systems utilize vents, either to bring the heat to all areas of your home or to eliminate fumes that have to be discarded by the system as it burns up gas or other types of fuel.


With AC systems, ventilation is required in a similar fashion as with vented heating systems. Cool air is being transmitted through ventilation to various areas of your home, or just to a single room. As a result, good ventilation is very much required.


Ventless systems exist as well, especially when it comes to heating. Electric heaters can produce heat without the need for vents, however, their range and the cost you need to cover to keep them functioning can be problematic in many cases.